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Rafiq Law Office offers walk-in and booked appointments for notary services in-person and virtual. To schedule an appointment, please click hereThis page contains a list of many of the documents we notarize. Please note that this is not a complete list. If you do not see your document here, we are still able to notarize it. If you are not sure what type of documents you need notarized, please contact us. We will be happy to comprehensively guide you through the notary process.

  • Notary Stamp

  • Affidavits (such as Illegitimacy, Common-Law Relationship, One and The Same Person, Name Clarification, Single Parent, Single Status,Letter of Invitation & Consent Letter)

  • Commissioner of Oath

  • Witness Documents

  • Identity Verification

  • Certified True Copies

  • Name Change Documents

  • Child Travel Consent

  • OSAP Documents

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Statutory Declaration

  • Employment Eligibility Verification, USCIS Form I-9

  • Attestation

  • Real Estate Closing Documents

  • Bank Forms

  • Common-law Declaration

  • Insurance Forms


First Document (Per Page & Per Signature

$40.00 (+tax)

Notarization of first document digitally or in-person, including one signature and notary seal. The price does not include HST.

Second Document (Per Page & Per Signature

$15.00 (+tax)

Notarization of second document digitally or in-person, including one signature and notary seal. The price does not include HST. 

Third+ Document (Per Page & Per Signature


Notarization of third and subsequent documents digitally or in-person, including one signature and notary seal. The price does not include HST. 

The Notary Process

Step One

1. Identify Requirement

Identify what type of document you want notarized. In the event the document needs to be drafted, we are happy to assist you with drafting and notarization of the document(s).

Step Three

3. Preparation for Appointment

In preparation for your appointment, you should: (1) gather two (2) government-issued photo identification; (2) prepare documents that are to be signed during the virtual meeting; (3) have a scanner or scanning application on stand-by to capture an image of the document for notarization.

Step Four

4. Attend the Appointment

Simply click the link received after booking the appointment at the time of your appointment to start the virtual notarization. The lawyer will provide further details regarding identity and signature verification.


  1. By law, Wills, Power of Attorney, and the Certification of True Copies can not be notarized online/virtually. These documents can be mailed or bring with you.

  2. In order to notarized the Real Estate document, minimum 24 hours advance notice is required to examine documents. Please arrange to email directly from your service provider a complete set of documents in PDF format for examination. The cost of examining the real estate document is $50 in addition to notarization fees and shipping & handling fee.

  3. Effective August 1, 2020, Ontario commissioning legislation permits the practice of remote commissioning. Therefore, online notarization/virtual notarization/remote commissioning/virtual commissioning is legally allowed in Ontario; however, the acceptability of documents is the sole responsibility of a client and the client has to ensure that the receiving authority will accept the online/virtually commissioned documents.

  4. The electronic version of the notarized document will be emailed without any extra cost. However, for hard copy Shipping and Handling fee will apply. Standard Shipping & Handling is $10.00 and Express Shipping & Handling is $35.00

  5. Please be advised not to sign any documents in advance.


Rafiq Law Office is pleased to offer a series of discounts to better serve our clients. Please be aware that you must provide a valid student ID card for us to confirm your discount eligibility. These discounts apply only to the first document we notarize:


  • $5.00 discount to students.

  • $5.00 discount to seniors over 60 years of age.

  • $5.00 discount, if you are retired. 

  • $5.00 discount to first responders. 

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